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A: There are three types of IRAs/. They are Rollover IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Traditional IRAs.

A Rollover IRA is a type of IRA that allows employees who recieve distribution to leave an employer, you can deposit or return all or any of the portions of the funds in the IRA.It is basically a tax free transfer of assets from one to another retirement plan. This allows you to transfer your plan to another one if not satisfied. You will even get you retirement fund back or deposit in any IRA fundation.
The roth IRA has a tax structure that arent like any other IRA's. Once you start depositing money in you will most likely never have to pay taxes again it is more flexible  to you behalf and what you feel comfortable doing and because you have sometime paid taxes there are no minimum distribution requirements needed.this program just helps you open up an account that provides tax free growths. However the only way you also can achieve opening is this if your income level and filing status is good with all the regulations then you are currently safe and in the program. 
Traditional IRA is a system that you dont have to pay income taxes on the earnings you make or earn and 
deductible contributions of your IRA untill you start taking withdrawals inward.This is an account
that is set up by an individual to provide a retirement income that allows other contributions to deduct
from income or permits taxes until retired. Contributers can be particially or fully deductible, but distributions
are generally taxable.Basically they value stocks.

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