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A: A fixed annuity allows the fixed payments to the annuitant for a long time period.Allows a specified interest
rate and may also even offer dividends. Fixed annuities grow taxdeferred until the withdrawal.Some annuity
contracts are invested in the general assets of the life insurance company.Basically the fixed annuity helps
eople out by guaranteeing people to get a payment for life or other periods.  

A variable annuity is a contract that allows you to change the number that is along the side of the portfolios
or mixture of socks. All your effort and contract values will reflect upon wha tis in your performance.
This is basically a personal retirement account that you can bring the best ivestigation or features you 
have gathered up there for your insurance. This also allows you to fel comfortable that you are safe 
knowing and trusting that your siblings or beneficiaries will receive a Death Benefit if or when you die.
Also when the market is just down.

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